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Venus is a visual artist and performance artist. She is a painter, actress, model, dancer, poet, and musician.
She has sold over 1000 paintings around the world, has worked with several notable photographers, has
performed as an actress, singer, dancer, musician, and painter in live performances, musicals, stage plays,
commercials and movies.

Venus developed a love and appreciation for The Arts at an early age. She began taking ballet at age 4. As
early as 8 years old she was creating poetry and art and on her way to becoming an accomplished musician
and dancer, while excelling as an honor student. At the age of 12 she won her first award for art from the
Hallmark Card Company and by 15 was modeling. As a high school student she excelled in Literature,
History, French Language and won first place in a Geometry competition and helped her school win awards
for music and dance.

In college, Venus was a dean's list student and vice-president of a political club. Her college curriculum was
centered on Literature and Creative Writing and it was during this time that she began publishing her poetry
in literary journals and began winning awards for poetry.

Her interest in history led her to archeology and museum studies in which she participated in the
archaeological excavation of Nance Farm, historic plantation and former home of baseball legend Mickey
Mantle. It was however an art appreciation class that led her to becoming an artist. In 2003 Venus expanded
her repertoire to include acting. She began acting in Dallas area community theaters in musicals and
progressed as an actress into commercials and feature films. Venus also began modeling again,
something she considers to be another art form.

It was in 2005, Venus turned to what would become her greatest passion...art. Completely self taught, she
has sold over 1000 works of art to art collectors around the world. As an artist, Venus has experimented with
every style and medium from small scale miniature paintings to large gallery sized paintings, photography,
and assemblage. She takes her inspiration from her travels through life, nature, culture, emotion, and
beauty in ways that create new and unique visual arts
Multi-Media Artist